3 Ways I Can Help You to Increase Your Conversion

Pay Per Performance

  • No money upfront. Pay only once we have increased your conversion rate
  • Mobile and/or desktop site optimisation
  • Tests are valid and winning once they reach at least 95% statistical validity
  • You Pay only for each 1% we improved your conversion and up to 30% only. Anythig over 30%, is charged as if we have incerased your conversion by 30%
  • € 300/

    per each 1% conversion lift generated

Conversion Focus
Site Re-Design

  • Includes data conversion audit, heauristics analysis, click and heatmap data analysis
  • Designs are then provided in .psd files
  • Your site will get all the late. and teMed se Delivered as a report with findings and conversion ideas
  • Suitable for sites with less.traffic, where I Suitable for self-sufficient teams Testing could be a chalange due to level of traffic or for those looking to re-design their website
  • € 4,999*

* if you require only wireframes and no actual designs in .psd price is 2,500

Conversion Audit
& Research

  • Includes usability testMg, data and heau-ristics analysis, click and heatmap data analysis
  • Delivered as a report with finding and recommendation
  • Suitable for self-sufficient teams needs a different outlook on theri website
  • € 1,599

Success Stories


We tested removing basket steps in the checkout and instead we created one page checkout. This one page checkout acted as a basket and the checkout at the same time

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We tested 'From' fields in email campaigns.

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We ran series of tests testing popup vs. no popups for the demo downloads

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We tested what impact would a plain email had over and html email version. This test received in 2012 Email Testing Awards form

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We tested backgrounds, reduced form fields and compulsory fields in a lead generation form

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We tested a lead generation form by removing friction and adding more clarity

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19% is my average conversion improvement.

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About Me

I am master certified conversion optimization & web analytics professional working on freelance basis. I specialize in marketing optimization, i.e. increasing websites revenue and conversion (email marketing, checkout optimization, PPC landing pages, site usability, layout testing, web analytics reports for better marketing insights, etc.

I started providing my services in May 2009, while working for online marketing agencies in London (UK) and eventually in January 2012 I became full-time freelancer. In January 2010 I became fully certified by Marketing Experiments and in 2011 by Market Motive in conversion optimization and as web marketing analyst.

My Experience+

I've worked or still working with small to large online companies based in the U.S., Germany and the U.K. on their conversion optimization projects (A/B testing, MVT Testing, PPC Landing Pages, Email Optimization, Site Personalization, Weekly & Monthly Analytics Reports).

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Plain Email vs. html email version. This test received in 2012 Email Testing Awards from for improving of the revenue by 303.08%.