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3 Ways I Can Help You to Increase Your Site Conversion & Sales

Pay Per Result
Conversion Optimisation

  • No money upfront. Pay only once I have increased your conversion rate / sales. Absolutely transparent
  • Mobile and desktop site sale optimisation
  • I optimise emails, landing pages, forms, checkouts, product pages, home pages…anything that needs improvement
  • Tests are valid and winning once they reach at least 95% statistical validity
  • I have 70% success rate (7 out of 10 tests are winning) and my average conversion improvement is 19%
  • You pay only for each % I improved your conversion
  • $ 300/

    for each 1% conversion lift generated

Conversion Focus
Site Re-Design

  • Includes data conversion audit, heauristics analysis, click and heatmap data analysis
  • Designs are then provided in .psd files
  • Your site will get all the latest conversion ideas, which helped to increase sales on other websites
  • Suitable for low traffic websites, or for those looking to re-design their website and increase sales without testing
  • $ 4,999*

* if you require only wireframes and no actual designs in .psd price is


Conversion Audit
With Recommendations

  • Includes usability testing (5 test users), data analysis, heauristics analysis, click and heatmap data analysis
  • Delivered as a report with findings and recommendations
  • Suitable for self-sufficient teams who need a different outlook on their website
  • $ 1,999

Clients Success Stories And 6 Kickass A/B Case Studies


Test 1# We tested removing basket steps in the checkout and instead we created one page checkout. This one page checkout acted as a basket and the checkout at the same time

Download All 6 Kickass Case Studies


Test 2# We tested 'From' fields in email newsletters

Download All 6 Kickass Case Studies


Test 3# We ran series of tests testing popup vs. no popups for the demo downloads

Download All 6 Kickass Case Studies


Test 4# We tested what impact would a plain email had over and html email version. This test received in 2012 Email Testing Awards from WhichTestWon.com

Download All 6 Kickass Case Studies


Test 5# We tested backgrounds, reduced form fields and compulsory fields in a lead generation form

Download All 6 Kickass Case Studies


Test 6# We tested a lead generation form by removing friction and adding more clarity

Download All 6 Kickass Case Studies

Calculate How Much You Can Gain

19% is my average conversion improvement.

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About Me

I’m an e-commerce consultant / conversion optimisation specialist (A/B testing). Have been in conversion space since 2008. I started my career as a web analyst using Google Analytics, then moved into conversion. This transition from a web analyst to conversion specialist helped me to be better at understanding of what’s really happening and why visitors might be struggling to buy / convert. Reason being is, that most of the work of a conversion specialist is about data analyses.

My tutors who helped me to be where I’m right now were:
Analytics – Avinash Kaushik The author of two best selling books: Web Analytics 2.0, Web Analytics: An Hour A Day and Conversion – Bryan Eisenberg co-wrote “Call to Action”, “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?” both Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestsellers as well as “Always Be Testing” and “Persuasive Online Copywriting” and. Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, director of MECLABS.

My Experience+

I’ve worked for marketing / conversion agencies in London (UK), Toronto (CAD) and Melbourne (AUS) working on e-commerce, lead generation and university websites based in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and in Europe so I have very good understanding of many different markets and businesses. (A/B testing, MVT Testing, PPC Landing Pages, Email Optimization, Site Personalization, Weekly & Monthly Analytics Reports).

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Get All 6 FREE Kickass A/B Case Studies
It includes a test, which in 2012 won Email Testing Award from WhichTestOne.com, where I've increased revenue by 303.08%

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Plain Email vs. html email version. This test received in 2012 Email Testing Awards from WhichTestWon.com for improving of the revenue by 303.08%