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Conversion Optimization

10-200% Conversion Improvement Guaranteed

This is an absolute promise I can give you, that if your website has never been optimized and tested by a conversion optimization professional, then I will increase your site conversion between 10-200%. For websites already tested by a conversion optimization professional the improvements can be still expected, but maybe harder to achieve.

What’s website conversion optimization about: it’s simply improving the site marketing, site usability, calls to actions, pages layout, checkout process, email marketing, site messages, better understanding and using of data and testing marketing strategies used by successful e-coms. However, we put them in test to see how they work on your site. They usually always work.

How effective it is: In one word - very. In some cases, it will feel like winning the lottery, as this is all in our and your hands. The more we optimize your marketing and test and the more creative and adventurous we get, the more gains can be achieved. For example:
• newsletter signups can be increased by up to 30,000% (yes, thousands)
• checkout conversion and revenue by up to 100%
• site-wide conversion by up to 252% and site revenue by 235% (from $32,000 to $108,000 per month. Want a proof? Read this conversion optimization case study.

What are the requirements:
• your website traffic is very important. At least 20,000+ monthly visitors are needed, as it’s required to clarify the conversion optimization results via testing.
• Google Analytics setup correctly is a must, as the data is paramount for the success. I will work a lot with your data, once I start working on your project, so having good data is paramount for the success.
• patients is also crucial, as it takes time to prepare the strategy, prepare tests, launch them and then get results. On average, a test is run between 2-6 weeks.

How It's Done?

  • Scientific Approach to Testing

    I'm certified by MarketingExperiments, and use the same optimization methodology and optimization formula (displayed on the right) in our tests. I'm also a master certified conversion optimization professional and my tutor was Bryan Eisenberg.
  • Data Analysis

    Before I can start any work on your website I will require access to your analytics account. I need this to analyze your data, create a test plan and analyze the impact of each test on all important site metrics.
  • Rating and Prioritizing of Test Ideas

    Rating and prioritizing of test ideas, or A/B testing road map. This allows me to rate each page or an element we could test and prioritize it for testing purposes. It's like a plan, which is very important to have.
  • What Testing Tools I Use

    I use Visual Website Optimizer for A/B and MVT testing. For website personalization I use a tool from Personyze. I'm also Personyze certified partner.
  • A/B Testing vs. Multivariate Testing

    At the beginning of an each landing page optimization test, I typically start with A/B testing, i.e. creating a few different treatment versions. After that, if appropriate, I use Multivariate Testing to tune up the winning page.
  • Duration of the Conversion Optimization

    An average engagement is between 6 to 9 months, depending on your traffic and how many pages we test. However, high volume traffic websites can involve, deeper more granular testing, which can take longer, due to greater testing possibilities.
  • How Will Conversion Optimization Impact Your Business

    If you have never done any testing on your site, then you can expect average site wide conversion improvement of between 10-60%. Download this conversion improvement calculator to calculate the potential conversion impact.
  • What's Included in the Service

    a/b testing road map, test planning, wireframes, tests setup & management, test analysis, hypothesis and conclusions, survey analysis, heat maps analysis, overlooking of the graphical design, tests reporting, weekly & monthly progress reports
  • How Much Does it Cost

    Pricing is very competitive.

Get the 2012 Award Winning test which increased revenue by 303.08%

You will also get these 3 winning A/B case studies:

  • Checkout A/B test case study - conversion increased by 13.39%
  • Email test 'from' field - revenue increased by 94.63%
  • Demo download pop up test - downloads increased by 19.66%

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