November 2, 2016

Protected: 6 Simple Strategies to Skyrocket Your Email Revenue to Around 15% or More of Your Overall Site Revenue

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April 25, 2012

This Just Tested: Subject Line in the Body of an Email – Revenue Increased by 37.20%, Visits by 22.8%

Often even a small change can have a huge impact on your conversion. This time we tested adding a subject line in the body of an email. What we tested We tested to see if adding a subject line to the body of an email will make any difference”. So we did. We used the same subject line from the subject line field, made it the very first thing in the body and made it bold. The test background We ran this test for 2 weeks on 3 different websites to make sure the result was not just a one off success, but a persistent result that could then be applied and relied on. We tagged all urls in emails using Google url builder tool so we could recognize emails with subject lines in the body from those without the subject line in the body, in Google Analytics. After the […]
April 1, 2012

Plain vs. HTML Email Test: Which Email Increased Revenue by 303.08%?

Plain vs. HTML email? Which one is the best? Will sending a plain text emails to email subscribers for this IT exam website work better, or are the HTML emails more suitable? We decided to test. In this case study you will learn that in some cases and for certain industries a plain email is more suitable. What we tested We tested the weekly newsletter to find out which version, plain vs. HTML, is more suitable for this client. So we split the email subscriber database and the same day we sent plain emails to one half, and the HTML email to the second half of the subscribers. Plain Email                                                                             HTML email    Test background –    we sent over 100,000 emails on the same day at the same hour –    we split the email subscriber database equally 50:50 –    all emails we tagged for tracking in Google Analytics –    we […]
February 20, 2012

1 Proven Tactic We Used to Improve Email Marketing Revenue by 94.42% on 3 Different Websites. Case Study.

Looking for a way to increase your email revenue? In this case study you will learn, how we increased revenue on 3 different websites (3 different email lists) by 94.42% for a client using one proven tactic. The test is very easy test to set up, as the change alone doesn’t require use of a copywriter, rewriting of your email, nor even creating a new email campaign. That’s how easy it is. The hardest part for some will probably be correct url tagging in order to track revenue in Google Analytics, as you would like to test and track the impact this change has on your business. However if you need help with that, you can contact me. What we tested We tested recommended best practice when sending email campaigns. Best practice says to use the name of a site in the ‘from’ field. In our case, our client didn’t […]
June 28, 2010

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

In this webinar “5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing“, you will learn how to focus on 5 critical elements to improve your email marketing: optimize & test subject lines make email content relevant build landing pages that convert use design and rendering best practices manage deliverability Element #1. Optimize & Test Subject Lines Test Subject Lines Prior to launching your email campaign, A/B test subject lines on 5% of your audience and then send the mailing to the rest of your subscribers with the winning subject line. With this approach you will be amazed what improvement you could achieve. What to Test Personalize your subject line – Andrea, Executive Superstars Needed $150K+ Drive urgency – LAST DAY FOR 75% off. Negative vs. positive subject lines: We are sorry to see you go vs. Renew your subscription and save 10% Follow best practices to avoid spam filters Use of “Free” […]
April 27, 2010

Incentives and Email Marketing for Repeated Sales

In the webinar, “lessons learned from top 10 converting websites“, the main conclusion was that all the top 10 online retailers focus on lifetime re-marketing to drive qualified traffic back to the site using email marketing. The biggest challenge is how to build your email list: how to get that email from your visitors. Here I would like to show you 2 very interesting approaches from stores with high volumes of visitors each month. Approach 1: offers an incentive of £50 to get visitors’ email addresses. A pop-up window is shown to all unique visitors on their arrival. See the examples below for how it is done. Approach 2: The same approach as above showing a pop up window to first comers visiting your site, but in this case offering a chance to win a £5,000 shopping spree. That to me is a very good reason to give […]
April 26, 2010

Examples of Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails and Best Practises

Re-marketing to shopping cart abandoners can work very well if used properly, especially when automated, as you can learn from this very good webinar by SeeWhy, a shopping cart abandonment specialist solution provider. Best practices for re-marketing to abandoners: 1. send the first follow up email  within 20 minutes of your shopping cart abandonment 2. send the next email 23-24 hours later 3. 2-3 emails works the best 4. automate your email re-marketing process to abandoners 5. make sure your email re-marketing solution is integrated with your ordering process, as you would like to avoid sending your re-marketing email to someone who already purchased 6. randomize your incentive, ie. don’t always offer your incentive to abandoners for obvious reasons I found two good email examples from well known stores, for your inspiration. One with an incentive and another without. 1. Re-marketing email without an incentive 2. Re-marketing email with an […]
April 19, 2010

How You Can Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts and Web Forms – Webinar Invitation

We’ll show you how you can recover abandoned shopping carts and web forms using SeeWhy’s Conversion Manager and Social Conversion products. What you will learn: How to calculate the $ value of your abandonment problem What conversion rates other ecommerce companies are getting and the results you can expect The best practices to use in recovering abandoned shopping carts and forms How to leverage Email Service Providers and social networks to improve your results How SeeWhy’s Conversion Manager solves the problem When: Tuesday, April 20th at 12:00 ET.
February 17, 2010

Reduce Abandonment and Turn Your Site’s Browsers Into Buyers

You are invited to a free educational webinar, “Reduce Abandonment and Turn Your Site’s Browsers Into Buyers,” on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 3:00 PM Eastern.  This webinar is sponsored by McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security company. Cart abandonment rates are soaring with the economic downturn, but are you writing off customers prematurely?  Join us for a free, educational webinar discussion of ground breaking research into the concept of purchase delay, or the time it actually takes a shopper to make a purchase after visiting a site. This is a FREE informational webinar. The presenters include Practical eCommerce Senior Contributing Editor Armando Roggio, Shane Keats, Senior Research Analyst at McAfee, and Tim Ash, President and CEO of SiteTuners. Keats, from the world’s largest dedicated security company McAfee, will reveal surprising data about how long it takes customers to “get to yes,” while Ash, from site optimization firm SiteTuners, will […]
January 22, 2010

How to Craft Effective Email Messages that Drive Customers to Action

During this live webinar “how to craft email messages that drive customers to action” we will drill down and into specific email copy examples to help you discover how to create, shape, and optimize your sends. You’ll walk away with the insights you need to craft strong emails that truly move the needle. This will be a more intense and hands-on clinic than we usually do here at MarketingExperiments, much like one of our live workshops, to focus on one of the key areas marketers have the greatest opportunity to drive ROI in 2010 – crafting effective email messages. WHEN: Wednesday, February 3, 2009 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST Register for this webinar
December 10, 2009

How One Marketer Tripled Revenue from Their House List

In this webinar you will learn how the relevance of your message to your mailing list subscribers is related to conversion. You will learn three steps to a successful email campaign: Relevance – “what it says” Frequency – “when to say it” Metrics – “how to listen” Key takeaways: 1. Reasons why your subscribers unsubscribe from your mailing list 2. How to segment your visitors for relevance 3. Frequency – opimal email frequency was tested on a small part of the email subscribers for this particular client. The list was divided into seven different frequency groups in order to find the best email sending frequency. The result – after the 60 day testing period the optimal email frequency for this particular client was 15 emails per month. In the picture below you can see that increased email sending frequency also tripled the revenue. 5. Experiment results What you need to understand:when sending […]
November 26, 2009

How One Marketer Tripled Revenue from Their House List

To help you connect with and profit from your house list, this December 2 clinic will show you how to get significant conversion lifts off tiny changes that make your email more relevant. Then we’ll delve into ways to optimize the frequency of these relevant sends and how to measure the right things to ensure you’re moving the needle in the right direction. When: Wednesday, December 2, 2009 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST Presenters: – The MarketingExperiments Team Join us for this special email marketing web clinic PS: is in the process to get certified in landing page optimization and A/B testing by MarketingExperiments to bring you more reassurance for your business.
November 19, 2009

Webinar Recording: How to Avoid 10 Marketing Automation Project Pitfalls

In this great webinar, “how to avoid 10 marketing automation project pitfalls”, you will learn how to set up your automation process for success and the pitfalls to avoid. Only 20% of B2B marketing organizations are using a marketing automation solution today. 50% of these users aren’t using the marketing automation solution close to their full potential. The list of 10 marketing automation pitfalls to avoid. Pitfall 1: Unclear prospect profile. – Without developing a clear profile of your prospects you could be spending too much time trying to sell to people who are never going to buy from you. Pitfall 2: No interesting content. – The content of your website is about your customers, not about you. Pitfall 3: Not enough leads. – Focus on leads generation. Pitfall 4: Sales & marketing don’t get along. – Create trust between the sales and marketing teams and clearly define who the leads belong […]
October 30, 2009

The Email That Brought HugoBoss 86.9% More Facebook Fans In Just 1 Day

A day ago I received this email from HugoBoss, with an invitation to become their fan on Facebook. What is interesting is that that day HugoBoss had around 2,300 fans on Facebook, but today the number has risen to 4,300 fans – a 86.9% increase in Facebook fans within just 1 day!. And here you can see the email which brought HugoBoss 86.9% more Facebook fans in just 1 day.
October 30, 2009

How to Avoid 10 Marketing Automation Project Pitfalls

Want to Ensure Your Marketing Automation Solution Produces the Results You Want? Marketing Automation software is often positioned as a tool that will fix all of your marketing problems for a couple thousand dollars a month. Not true. Your choice of software is important, but your strategic approach to implementing the system is paramount to your success. In this webinar, marketing consultant and popular marketing automation blogger Jep Castelein will share 10 reasons why marketing automation projects fail. Attend this webinar to: Explore the common mistakes that cause marketing automation project failure Learn what steps you can take to prepare your organization for successful implementation Identify key purchase criteria in choosing a solution that’s right for you
October 27, 2009

Email Marketing: How to Generate Sales from Existing Customers

Marketing to your customers based on their lifecycle with your brand AND their behavior with your brand is proven to drive revenue and high ROI!  In this free webinar, you learn how to develop customer-centric email campaigns that could significantly increase sales while boosting your marketing return on investment.  Sponsored by Yesmail, one of the Internet’s leading email marketing solutions companies. Please join us for this free webinar and learn: The Portfolio of eCommerce Campaigns Which Campaigns Bring in the Most Revenue? Most ROI? Lifecycle & Behavioral Messaging – A Winning Combination Best in Class Examples of Customer Focused Messaging
October 19, 2009

How to Get More Email Subscribers from Your Website

Email marketing is one of the cheapest way of generating more sales and getting your visitors coming back if performed well. At proimpact7 we offer free website inspection service, which helps you to see what is stopping your website getting better conversion rates. Many times I am amazed that lots of websites just don’t pay enough attention to email subscribers at all, as in the example below, where you can’t even subscribe to their newsletter. In our blog we present a series of webinars focusing specifically to this subject, and in one of our posts  we talked about how generates $750k annually from their transactional emails alone, so definitely a subject not to be taken lightly. Below you can see a very good example from, the same company which generates $750 annually from their transactional email, and  how they try to get more email subscribers. As you can […]
October 8, 2009

Keep Website Visitors Coming Back With Targeted, Timely Offers

Join this best practices webinar and find out how personalized display ads and emails can stop your visitors in their tracks—and bring them back faster. Visitors are taking longer to convert—you need the most cost-effective ways to engage them after they’ve left your site. An in-depth view of behavior over time can help you re-target visitors with relevant and personalized offers, anywhere across the web. Get the tips and tools you need to turn the wealth of data you accumulate on your website into a powerful competitive advantage. The experts will show you how to target through display ads, email, and more to surround visitors with reasons to return… and convert. Register and learn how to: Target visitors with timely offers driven by their behavior—wherever they are online Extend your reach with site visitors—even when you don’t have their email addresses Measure the performance of display ads, widgets & videos […]
October 6, 2009

Grow your Email Marketing Opt-in List Almost Automatically

This is a FREE informational webinar. The presenters include Practical eCommerce Contributing Editor Armando Roggio,  and Lyris Vice President of Marketing, Andrea Scarnecchia. Email marketers – particularly those in eCommerce – face an ongoing battle to grow their email opt-in lists. With up to 30% churn of the email addresses on most opt-in lists each year, it’s tough just to stay even! And without list growth, it’s hard to deliver the increases in sales and ROI your company needs in this economy. So how do you grow your opt-in list without breaking the bank or losing your mind? Spend a valuable hour with Lyris’ Vice President of Marketing, Andrea Scarnecchia. Andrea will share simple methods to help grow your lists –  including ways to leverage the marketing you’re already doing to get better results. She’ll cover the three “layers” of successful list building efforts: 1) The Foundational Layer that helps […]
October 1, 2009

10 Great Email Opt-in Field Examples in Footer

The majority of top online retailers are placing their email opt-in into the footer which is an approach I personally like because it’s always there on each page and it blends nicely with the site design.  But, is it the best place to have it? Possibly not, as some visitors could miss it (even though I must admit I have become used to looking for email opt-in fields in the footer because it is used by so many top online retailers nowadays, that if I don’t see it there then I feel confused, but that’s just me), and therefore I believe a combination of somewhere above the fold and in the footer with incentives to get visitors to take action is probably the best option. Below you can see some examples to get inspiration from. In our previous post you can see some good examples of email opt-ins in header and footer along with incentives. The example […]
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