May 22, 2012

How Much Does Your Button Cost You? This Just Tested: Add to Cart vs. Buy Now vs. Purchase Now Buttons – Revenue Difference Detected $70,000 Monthly or $840,000 Annually

How important is your ‘add to cart’ button name? Does it make any difference whether your button is called ‘add to cart’, or ‘buy now’, or ‘purchase now’? Read more and find out how a ‘wrong’ button can cost you hundreds of thousands dollars annually. What we tested In this test we wanted to know what the best name for the ‘add to cart’ button is.  So we put into the test the buttons below. Test background –    ‘add to cart’ was our control –    we ran the test for 2 weeks site wide –    over 43,000 visitors took part Test results The test results surprised us a lot because of the relatively huge difference we detected, where ‘buy now’ button decreased conversion rate by 9.61%, and the ‘purchase now’ button decreased conversion rate even further by a whopping 14.50%. Hypothesis As we could see from the test result a […]
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