May 18, 2017

Time Limited Offer Test – Revenue Increased by 24.5% and Orders by 18.5%

Almost on every website nowadays you will find offers like save 20% etc. The question is how to make them work just beautifully? My answer: limit your offer with an end time, i.e. offer an expiry day, thus create a scarcity. By doing so, on a website which was selling annual plans for their membership and was already offering 40% off the second year I have increased revenue by 24.5% and orders by 18.5% just by making a very little change on their website. That change took 1-2 hours of developer resources to implement. Below are the changes I have tested. Yes, all what we have done was adding a line of text ‘Offer expires 31st March’ into two strategic places on this pricing page. One below the site main headline and another right in the pricing plans table, just above the main join CTA.     Orders screenshot We […]
November 8, 2016

Protected: 1,676% Gain From Popups

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November 3, 2016

Protected: FREE Strategy – Boost Your Website Sales Overnight

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November 2, 2016

Protected: 6 Simple Strategies to Skyrocket Your Email Revenue to Around 15% or More of Your Overall Site Revenue

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November 22, 2012

Conversion below 1%? You Could Improve Your Conversion Rate by as Much as 200% Within a Year. Here is the Proof!

Conversion below 1%? You could improve your conversion rate by as much as 200% within a year. Here is the proof! Does your website suffer from very low conversion rate below 1%? Have you tried ‘everything’ but still making the same money each month? Firstly, the good news is, you can very likely increase your conversion rate by over 200% within a year, as you can see on the screenshot below which compares October 2012 sales vs. October 2011 sales. As well as focusing on conversion rate which is up by 253%, also have a look at the revenue, which went up from $32,000 to $108,000, an 235% increase. Now, have a look at the traffic level in the screenshot below. Compare to previous October 2011, the traffic this October 2012 is down by 14%, or by 3,470 visits to be exact, however the revenue is still up by 235%. Now […]
November 20, 2012

Still Using Magento Ajax One Page Checkout? Then It’s Very Likely Costing You 20-40% in Lost Revenue Each Month

Are you still using Magento Ajax one page checkout, similar to one below in your ecommerce store? Then you might be affected, as very likely it’s costing you 20-40%+ in revenue each month. After working with several different clients on conversion optimization of their website in recent months I have discovered that each time we implemented our version of checkout, we always increased conversion by 20-40% versus the Ajax one page checkout. On the screenshot below you can see the difference in conversion and revenue after implementing our winning checkout version. Monthly revenue increased immediately by almost $20,000, or by $240,000 annually. My hypothesis as to why Magento one page checkout isn’t converting well is probably this type of checkout with hidden next steps causes friction in visitors, who feel that this is not going to be easy and therefore they tend to give up. Also, in some older browsers […]
May 22, 2012

How Much Does Your Button Cost You? This Just Tested: Add to Cart vs. Buy Now vs. Purchase Now Buttons – Revenue Difference Detected $70,000 Monthly or $840,000 Annually

How important is your ‘add to cart’ button name? Does it make any difference whether your button is called ‘add to cart’, or ‘buy now’, or ‘purchase now’? Read more and find out how a ‘wrong’ button can cost you hundreds of thousands dollars annually. What we tested In this test we wanted to know what the best name for the ‘add to cart’ button is.  So we put into the test the buttons below. Test background –    ‘add to cart’ was our control –    we ran the test for 2 weeks site wide –    over 43,000 visitors took part Test results The test results surprised us a lot because of the relatively huge difference we detected, where ‘buy now’ button decreased conversion rate by 9.61%, and the ‘purchase now’ button decreased conversion rate even further by a whopping 14.50%. Hypothesis As we could see from the test result a […]
April 16, 2012

This Just Tested: Product Page – Conversion Increased by 21.44%

We put our client’s product page through a test to find out if adding new and removing some page elements would have any impact on conversion. What we tested We identified a few key elements on this product page that could have an impact on conversion and decided to remove and/or add some new page elements to see if these changes would give us a desired lift. We replaced –    Right hand navigation containing links to other category pages with a new right navigation bar with information such as money back guarantee, testimonials etc. –    and replaced long section with testimonials in the body of the page with FAQs We added: –    prices closer to ‘buy now’ buttons (right above the buy buttons) Test background –    we ran the test for over 4 weeks, until the test was statistically valid –    a/b test Test results From the screenshot below you […]
April 1, 2012

Plain vs. HTML Email Test: Which Email Increased Revenue by 303.08%?

Plain vs. HTML email? Which one is the best? Will sending a plain text emails to email subscribers for this IT exam website work better, or are the HTML emails more suitable? We decided to test. In this case study you will learn that in some cases and for certain industries a plain email is more suitable. What we tested We tested the weekly newsletter to find out which version, plain vs. HTML, is more suitable for this client. So we split the email subscriber database and the same day we sent plain emails to one half, and the HTML email to the second half of the subscribers. Plain Email                                                                             HTML email    Test background –    we sent over 100,000 emails on the same day at the same hour –    we split the email subscriber database equally 50:50 –    all emails we tagged for tracking in Google Analytics –    we […]
March 22, 2012

Demo Download Test: Conversion Increased by 19.66%

We conducted 2 separate demo download tests. Each of these tests brought an increase in demo downloads and the overall net conversion impact was 19.66% Test #1: What we tested In this test we were faced with the challenge of getting visitors emails prior to any demo download. Prior our engagement, visitors who wanted to download a demo of the software had to register as new clients and were led directly to a login/registration page. We saw bounce rates of over 50% on this registration page so we tried to come up with another way of getting an email address from the visitors prior to any download. We decided to test using an overlay pop up window. Control Variation 1 Test background The client sells downloadable exam software for the IT industry. –    test duration over 3 weeks –    130,379 visitors took part in this test, generating 1,898 demo downloads […]
March 6, 2012

Security Seal vs. No Security Seal Site Test

How important are security seals on a site? Do they really help to increase site conversion? Let’s find out what our test result says. Last year we ran a test for a client to find out if, apart from having a security seal displayed in the checkout, if it makes a sense to display it visibly on their site, and what impact if any such security seal will have. So we put this into a test and placed the seal right into the header. What we tested We tested McAfee security seal in the header vs. no seal. As you can see from the images below, it was hard to miss. Control                                                                             Test Version – no security seal vs. Test background –    test duration – 3 weeks –    2 variations – McAfee security seal vs. no seal –    traffic – over 57,000 visits Test Result Having a security seal displayed […]
February 20, 2012

1 Proven Tactic We Used to Improve Email Marketing Revenue by 94.42% on 3 Different Websites. Case Study.

Looking for a way to increase your email revenue? In this case study you will learn, how we increased revenue on 3 different websites (3 different email lists) by 94.42% for a client using one proven tactic. The test is very easy test to set up, as the change alone doesn’t require use of a copywriter, rewriting of your email, nor even creating a new email campaign. That’s how easy it is. The hardest part for some will probably be correct url tagging in order to track revenue in Google Analytics, as you would like to test and track the impact this change has on your business. However if you need help with that, you can contact me. What we tested We tested recommended best practice when sending email campaigns. Best practice says to use the name of a site in the ‘from’ field. In our case, our client didn’t […]
September 29, 2010

How a Simple Change Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

When launching a campaign, relevancy and the continuity of an offer are very important factors in order to increase conversion rate. To demonstrate it, lets have a look at this email campaign from Below is the email I received, telling me that I could win something if I enter. It shows me products  I could win, plus the message is very compelling, as is the call to action. Even the subject line was well crafted – “Win a top rated product from CHEFS catalog!” 1. subject line: Win a top rated product from CHEFS catalog! 2. email with the offer 3. and this is actual landing page So what’s the problem here. Subject line and the email talks about winning the top rated product. There is not a single word about writing a review in order to win! And suddenly the landing page is asking me to write a […]
September 14, 2010

How Old-School Catalogs Help Drive Up Online Sales

I would like to share with you a research by SeeWhy I came across “How Old-School Catalogs Help Drive Up Online Sales”, which I was allowed to publish in our blog.  The reason why I agree with the article below is based on my own experience from 2 online/offline based retailers, T.M.Lewin – selling shirts, ties etc., and I receive catalogs from these 2 retailers into my post box, and since I started getting them I practically started buying more from them as well. When I shop for shirts I always go to T.M.Lewin online store first, or if I need some casual stuff, then I visit Next website and most of the time I purchase something. What’s interesting about my shopping habit is the fact, that I prefer to buy online, as to me it seems like they have bigger selection online. Also I would like to  support […]
September 10, 2010

How Eatn Park Achieved a 18% Recovery of Abandoned Shopping Carts

In this another great webinar from, provider of email re-marketing solution for abandoners you will learn how Eat’n Park ( achieved a 18% recovery of abandoned shopping carts. 1. Results and Abandonment Program 18% of shopping carts have been recovered, which led to double-digit sales growth. 2. Best Practice Formula for Abandonment Program View Webinar Will open in new window. Right now at we are working on our client website, which is going to be launched in a few days. Part of our job is also implementation of an email recovery program. We are also preparing a case study and will post it in our blog, so if you are interested to find out more then sign up to our newsletter, or become friend on Facebook. And here is a sample of an abandonment campaign we are preparing for our client.
August 27, 2010

Examples of Checkout Abandonment Emails from 2 Well Known Online Retailers

I would like to share with you checkout abandonment emails from 2 well known online retailers I recently came across. In both examples below you will see different approaches. For those who would like to start capturing their checkout abandoners  in real time then go to, which at the moment is the only provider of re-marketing solutions for checkout abandonment. Just to remind you a/b testing, also referred to as landing page optimization, of your checkout process should be high on your wish list in order to achieve the best possibly result, as the reason why visitors abandon checkout process could also be somewhere in the checkout. Headline: Regarding the items in your shopping cart. Headline: Valued customer, you left something in your cart. As far as I am aware has been using them for several months, however I think started experimenting with them just […]
August 23, 2010

Ten Ecommerce Strategies for Holiday Success

In this webinar, you’ll learn 10 strategies that can make or break a successful holiday season. When: on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM Eastern. 1.    The importance of multichannel selling; 2.    Innovative site search concepts; 3.    Creative use of coupons and gift certificates; 4.    Wish lists and gift registries; 5.    Alternative payment methods (beyond credit cards); 6.    The post-sale follow-up; 7.    Infrastructure scaling for the holiday rush; 8.    Customer loyalty rewards; 9.    Using email to foster great customer relationships; 10.  Customer support and live chat.
August 9, 2010

How Intuit Increased Conversion Rate by 211% Just By Using Proactive Chat

In this webinar you will learn how Intuit successfully increased conversion rate by up to 211% using proactive chat at different parts of their site using different chat design in those areas. The increase rate comparison based on using proactive chat vs not proactive chat. Intuit is using chat from Liveperson which allows multiple button and invitation design. 1. Checkout process – using proactive chat in the checkout increased average order value by 43% compared to when chat wasn’t used, and 20% increase in conversion rate when proactive chat was used. Screen-shot of invite chat window used. 2. Product comparison page – using a proactive chat window increased sales by 211%. Screen-shot of invite chat window used 3. Checks and Supplies Product Page 4. Lead generation page – on this page Intuit increased their conversion rate by 190% when proactive chat window was used. Watch the webinar: Will open in […]
July 22, 2010

9 Basic Principles of Effective On-Site Search That Can Help You Increase Your Website Conversion

On-site search is a very important part of any ecommerce store, as search users convert 2-3 times more than non search users. Plus more than 40% of website visitors visiting ecommerce stores use it to find the products. We will discuss the 9 basic principles of effective on-site search that can help you increase your website conversion. Basic 1: Search Box Prominence It seems obvious but there are plenty of stores where trying to find a search box is a tedious task especially at the lower end of the market where these stores are designed without proper preparation including wire framing and proper knowledge. Basic 2: Search Box Text In some cases a search box sometimes competes with other elements on a page like for example newsletter sign up form. So adding extra text like “product search” in the box could help. Basic 3: High-Quality Thumbnails in Search Results This […]
July 20, 2010

The Top Ecommerce Conversion Tips from SeeWhy and Tim Ash – Webinar Recording

In this webinar by Seewhy and Tim Ash, you will discover a few secret techniques used by Tim Ash when optimizing an ecommerce store home page, search page and a product page. 1. Home Page best practices The primary purpose of the home page is to get your visitors closer to your products, i.e. to get them off the home page No commercial or individual products should be featured on your home page Give your visitors small and clear set of choice 2. Search Page best practices Have clear page titles that echo the search Don’t show too many items on one page Use clear and professional images Use wizards for complex searches Don’t show “buy now” buttons as it’s too early 3. Product page best practices Use clear call to action block Include popularity and social proof – reviews Use quality images Give detailed information Use cross sells, up-sells […]
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