Search Results – Grid vs. List View

Many online store owners and managers are probably wondering which site search display generates the highest click- through rates, grid or list view?

Research done by shows that a grid view gets the highest click-through rate.

Grid View:

The grid allows more products to be displayed above the fold and it’s easier to browse through a large number of results. As shown below, this is typically used in the apparel and electronics industry.

grid15-07-2009-17-11-551 target15-07-2009-17-23-23

List View:

This format displays a single item per row. List view provides more space for additional information. Compared to grid view, list view displays less products per page and click through rates are almost non existent on products on the 2nd and 3rd page. This reminds me of Google search result because when your website is listed on the 2rd or 3rd page on Google or any other search engine, your listing gets almost no clicks.

Go to Sli Systems to read the research and see the click through graph….

Question for all readers: What’s your own experience? Have you found any difference between grid and list view in terms of average order value and amount of items per order?

Jan Petrovic
I’m conversion optimisation / AB testing specialist. Have been in conversion space since 2008. I started my career as a web analyst using Google Analytics, then moved into conversion. My success rate is 70%, i.e. 7 out of 10 tests are winning and my average conversion improvement is 19%. In 2012 I have received an award from for one of my email tests, which increased revenue by 303.08%. Yes, I do email testing too. I’ve worked for marketing / conversion agencies in London (UK), Toronto (CAD) and Melbourne (AUS) working on ecommerce, lead generation and university websites.
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