April 26, 2010

Examples of Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails and Best Practises

Re-marketing to shopping cart abandoners can work very well if used properly, especially when automated, as you can learn from this very good webinar by SeeWhy, a shopping cart abandonment specialist solution provider. Best practices for re-marketing to abandoners: 1. send the first follow up email  within 20 minutes of your shopping cart abandonment 2. send the next email 23-24 hours later 3. 2-3 emails works the best 4. automate your email re-marketing process to abandoners 5. make sure your email re-marketing solution is integrated with your ordering process, as you would like to avoid sending your re-marketing email to someone who already purchased 6. randomize your incentive, ie. don’t always offer your incentive to abandoners for obvious reasons I found two good email examples from well known stores, for your inspiration. One with an incentive and another without. 1. Re-marketing email without an incentive 2. Re-marketing email with an […]
April 19, 2010

How You Can Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts and Web Forms – Webinar Invitation

We’ll show you how you can recover abandoned shopping carts and web forms using SeeWhy’s Conversion Manager and Social Conversion products. What you will learn: How to calculate the $ value of your abandonment problem What conversion rates other ecommerce companies are getting and the results you can expect The best practices to use in recovering abandoned shopping carts and forms How to leverage Email Service Providers and social networks to improve your results How SeeWhy’s Conversion Manager solves the problem When: Tuesday, April 20th at 12:00 ET.
March 29, 2010

Convert More Web Visitors Into Qualified Leads and Web Sales – Webinar Recording

In this webinar, “Convert more web visitors into qualified leads and web sales – turn page views into profit“, you will learn about how creating brand and perception of your brand allows you to charge more and how a brand turns page views into profit, plus 3 types of buyers described. 1. buyers who buy out of necessity 2. or because it’s convenient like shopping at Amazon or Wal-Mart 3. and brand buyers, who buy from a certain brand because of the trust in their products etc. Also having a brand will allow you to charge more So how do you build a brand? 1. Visual branding – site aesthetics – accessibility, usability – landing pages 2. Associative branding – product partners – community partners – advertising partners – trust marks 3. Branding actions – social media – donations – service
March 22, 2010

How to Build an eCommerce Business Case – Webinar Invitation

e-Commerce webinar: Moving Beyond the Basics. Learn where to invest and how to build a business case. In today’s hyper competitive environment, future online growth will depend on a best-in-class site that provides a differentiated, engaging, personalized user experience through the entire buying cycle. You’ll hear how Eli Katz, President of Ashford.com moved from a home grown web storefront to a next generation e-commerce solution that enabled them to leap frog the competition and execute their business strategy. Bill Mirabito, president of B2C Partners will explain how to build the business case and proper resource plan to earn executive approval In this webinar, you’ll hear: Why Ashford.com chose to re-platform and how they improved the user experience Key areas of ecommerce investment that drive immediate benefit How to develop a persuasive, actionable strategy that drives results Financial modeling for projecting ROI and the overall rate of return When: March 25, […]
March 18, 2010

Ecommerce Site Search Tips

Sli-Systems who provide site search, navigation and merchandising solutions, has released a white-paper called “Big Book of Site Search Tips“, which contains lost of useful tips how to improve your own ecommerce website site search. Examples of what’s covered: 1. Consider showing the available colors in the search result for products that are available in multiple colors. You may only have room for this in a list view format. 2. Test the placement of refinements. Businesses provide refinements in different places on their sites, often at the top of pages or in the left navigation pane. The bottom of the page is probably not the best position for refinement options, since visitors have to scroll down the page to view them. Any of these options may work for you and your site visitors, but it is important to test different positions. 3. Consider showing larger images when visitors mouse over […]
March 10, 2010

What Happens When More Visitors Cause Poor Web Performance? – Webinar Invitation

Sometimes more web traffic hurts. What happens when more visitors cause poor Web performance? Are you ready for peak traffic? When: Thursday, March 11th 2010,1:00 PM EST A new survey of retail, travel and financial services online consumers found that customers spend a significant percentage of their budgets during peak traffic times, and 67% expect websites to work flawlessly regardless of the number of visitors. Moreover, 72% stated that their expectations were not met during 2009 peak traffic periods, and this is what they did about it: 78% went to a competitor’s site due to poor performance at peak traffic times 88% were less likely to return to a website 47% left with a negative perception of the company 42% discussed it either with friends or online Want to know more about leveraging your existing Gomez platform to protect revenue, brand and customer loyalty during peak traffic periods? Attend a […]
February 25, 2010

Comparison Shopping Engines Conversion Rates by Categories

According to Forrester Research, 55% of online shoppers are influenced by comparison shopping engines. As an online retailer you can’t afford to miss out on this potential opportunity. Download the full report Comparison Shopping Engines Conversion Rates by Categories report…
February 17, 2010

Reduce Abandonment and Turn Your Site’s Browsers Into Buyers

You are invited to a free educational webinar, “Reduce Abandonment and Turn Your Site’s Browsers Into Buyers,” on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 3:00 PM Eastern.  This webinar is sponsored by McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security company. Cart abandonment rates are soaring with the economic downturn, but are you writing off customers prematurely?  Join us for a free, educational webinar discussion of ground breaking research into the concept of purchase delay, or the time it actually takes a shopper to make a purchase after visiting a site. This is a FREE informational webinar. The presenters include Practical eCommerce Senior Contributing Editor Armando Roggio, Shane Keats, Senior Research Analyst at McAfee, and Tim Ash, President and CEO of SiteTuners. Keats, from the world’s largest dedicated security company McAfee, will reveal surprising data about how long it takes customers to “get to yes,” while Ash, from site optimization firm SiteTuners, will […]
February 2, 2010

Testing Product Category Pages Results in a 4.7% Increase in Conversions

Comet is one of the UK’s largest electrical retailers with over 250 stores nationwide and 3.6M* unique visitors per month to their eCommerce site, comet.co.uk. Comet is one of the country’s leaders in their approach to optimising the online customer experience. Using a testing platform provided by Optimost, Comet was able to carry out A/B and multivariate tests to ensure any change they make to the site is based on what their customers want. Redesigned product category pages show surprising results The test showed that ‘Variation A’, which gave extra real estate to the top selling categories, actually had a negative impact on conversions: Add to basket +0.5%, Conversions -1.7%. This provided useful insight for future testing. ‘Variation B’, which has a clean 3 column layout, had a positive impact on conversions: Add to basket +1.9%, Conversions +4.7%.
January 28, 2010

Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts – Webinar Invitation

Fact: 7 out of 10 online shopping carts are abandoned. Visit the “The 7 secrets to recovering abandoned shopping carts” webinar on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 where two of today’s most experienced online marketing experts will join forces to present an educational webinar that gives marketers the tips and tools they need to recover abandoned shopping carts. You will learn proven email marketing techniques that you can use today to convert your website’s abandoned shopping carts into purchases. Join us for this practical seminar to learn the 7 secrets to recovering abandoned shopping carts that top CMOs use to drive online sales. Using case studies, we’ll highlight what works, and what doesn’t, including: Content that works: How to write compelling emails that are proven to recover shopping cart abandoners Timing best practices: Learn when to follow up for maximum relevance and response Personalization tips: How to use details of the […]
January 22, 2010

How to Craft Effective Email Messages that Drive Customers to Action

During this live webinar “how to craft email messages that drive customers to action” we will drill down and into specific email copy examples to help you discover how to create, shape, and optimize your sends. You’ll walk away with the insights you need to craft strong emails that truly move the needle. This will be a more intense and hands-on clinic than we usually do here at MarketingExperiments, much like one of our live workshops, to focus on one of the key areas marketers have the greatest opportunity to drive ROI in 2010 – crafting effective email messages. WHEN: Wednesday, February 3, 2009 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST Register for this webinar
January 20, 2010

We are Now Certified Email Messaging Optimization Professionals

We are very excited to announce that following on from our successful certification in Landing Page Optimization, we are now also certified in Email Optimization too. We are now proud holders of an Email Messaging Optimization Professional Certificate given to companies/individuals after completing a comprehensive training program. This certificate is issued by MarkertingExperiments™, one of the most respected professional email optimization certification program company based in U.S. A key learning in this certification program has been how to optimize email capture, email messages and design envelope fields (body and subject line) that improve deliverability and increase open rates.
January 13, 2010

How Changing the First 7 Seconds of User Experience Drove a 201% Gain

In this webinar by MarketingExperiments, you will learn about the discovery that much of the gain in website optimization occurs within the first 7 seconds.  You will also learn what you can do in this very short time to increase the probability of conversion. Key Takeaway: The single most important change to fixing a page is eliminating confusion in the first few seconds a visitor spends on your page. Because it doesn’t matter how much you’ve invested in your shopping cart, incentive, or even product if your visitors don’t stay on your site long enough to learn about them. 1. Case Study – Control page vs 3 treatments. 2. Result – treatment 1 increased conversion by 201% Watch the webinar: Webinar will open in new window
January 10, 2010

How To Use Social Media Sites To Increase Traffic – Webinar Invitation

You are invited to a free educational webinar, “Social Media 201: How To Use Social Media Sites To Increase Traffic”, on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 3:00 PM Eastern.  This webinar is sponsored by HubSpot, makers of inbound marketing software that helps your business get found on the Internet by the right prospects and convert more of those prospects into leads and paying customers. This is a FREE informational webinar. The presenters include Practical eCommerce Senior Contributing Editor Armando Roggio, and HubSpot Director of Marketing, Jeanne Hopkins. Many marketers know that consumers now spend their time shopping for products on the internet.  However, with this new trend many traditional marketers have not yet adapted their marketing strategies because they don’t know where to start.  In this webinar, we will give you clear examples of how to use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to increase traffic to […]
January 4, 2010

We Are Now Certified Landing Page Optimization Professionals

I am delighted to wish all of our readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2010! Personally I am very excited about all the opportunities this coming year has in store.  Last year we launched ProImpact7.com and have worked hard to build a solid foundation for our business and provide our readers with a source of useful information as you also look to increase your business.  And our year finished on a high with our successful certification in Landing Page Optimization. We are now proud holders of a Landing Page Optimization Professional Certificate given to companies/individuals after completing a comprehensive training program. This certificate is issued by MarketingExperiments™, one of the most respected professional landing page optimization certification program company based in U.S. This means professional standards and best practices are being followed in order to create a testing process that is useful, practical and predictive to gain the best possible conversion improvement results […]
December 13, 2009

Do Your Customers Know Your Xmas Delivery Cut Off Day?

As Xmas is approaching fast and 60% of people still haven’t done their Xmas shopping, it’s important that you let your website visitors to know you Xmas delivery cut off day, so they can receive their Xmas shopping on time. Abt.com is doing a very good job at this and it deserves your attention. Abt.com is sending their email subscribers an email with their ordering deadlines. One thing that Abt.com could do better is place this vital information on their website and in product pages as well simply because not everyone is a subscriber to their newsletter.
December 10, 2009

How One Marketer Tripled Revenue from Their House List

In this webinar you will learn how the relevance of your message to your mailing list subscribers is related to conversion. You will learn three steps to a successful email campaign: Relevance – “what it says” Frequency – “when to say it” Metrics – “how to listen” Key takeaways: 1. Reasons why your subscribers unsubscribe from your mailing list 2. How to segment your visitors for relevance 3. Frequency – opimal email frequency was tested on a small part of the email subscribers for this particular client. The list was divided into seven different frequency groups in order to find the best email sending frequency. The result – after the 60 day testing period the optimal email frequency for this particular client was 15 emails per month. In the picture below you can see that increased email sending frequency also tripled the revenue. 5. Experiment results What you need to understand:when sending […]
December 4, 2009

Is your Online Store Being Used by Hackers to Test Stolen Credit Cards?

In this post you will learn about velocity credit card hacks and how to protect you online storefront from online hackers who test stolen credit cards. What is velocity credit card hack?A velocity hack is when someone is using your online storefront to test stolen multiple credit cards to see if they are good, and then later resell them on the black market. How can you protect your online store and your business? Read the full article…
December 3, 2009

Science of Social Media Marketing: Invitation to Webinar

More and more people are using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to talk about companies and products with their friends and colleagues.  Learn what drives people to share information and opinions online and learn scientifically proven best practices for spreading your content virally through social media. Bonus! Get a free excerpt in .pdf of Dan Zarella’s The Social Media Marketing Book when you register for the webinar! Join us for this free live webinar with Dan Zarrella, social media and viral marketing scientist and author of The Social Media Marketing Book. This free live webinar will cover: The history of word of mouth marketing, from pre-web to online Lessons from social psychology, memetics, and statistics to understand what motivates people to share information Scientifically proven best practices for getting people to talk about your business online Reserve Your Spot for the Webinar Now
December 1, 2009

Do You Know How Good/Bad Your Delivery Company Is?

Econsultancy has published this very interesting post “are retailers really this bad at delivery“. Basically the post is about a survey conducted by Which? on deliveries by online retailers, which found that nearly 7% of  customers were unhappy with their delivery. One of the most shocking revelations was a customer experience when the delivery service threw a laptop over their 6 foot wall, another was thrown in the delivery package via the open window or the package was left on the doorstep visible to any by-passers, thus open to stealing. As delivery of the product is a very important part of consumer experience, what  can you as a retailer do to improve it to please your consumer and to protect your business from the goods being stolen thus facing a charge back and loss of revenue? 1. check with your delivery company how they deal with packages which can’t be delivered […]