May 22, 2012

How Much Does Your Button Cost You? This Just Tested: Add to Cart vs. Buy Now vs. Purchase Now Buttons – Revenue Difference Detected $70,000 Monthly or $840,000 Annually

How important is your ‘add to cart’ button name? Does it make any difference whether your button is called ‘add to cart’, or ‘buy now’, or […]
May 2, 2012

Looking to Increase Your Conversion Rate? Guaranteed 10-150% Lift

Looking to increase your conversion rate, but would you like to pay only after we increase your conversion? We charge nothing upfront and guarantee 10-150% conversion […]
April 25, 2012

This Just Tested: Subject Line in the Body of an Email – Revenue Increased by 37.20%, Visits by 22.8%

Often even a small change can have a huge impact on your conversion. This time we tested adding a subject line in the body of an […]
April 16, 2012

This Just Tested: Product Page – Conversion Increased by 21.44%

We put our client’s product page through a test to find out if adding new and removing some page elements would have any impact on conversion. […]