July 8, 2009

Top 50 Online Store Strategies Rated By Their Value By Merchants

Ever wondered which online store strategies deliver the most value? Below is a chart of top 50 features by their importance. Source: 6th Annual e-Tailing Group Merchant Surveys, 2007
July 7, 2009

Learn How to Manage Large Search Campaigns – Video

In this short video from omniture.com you will learn how you can manage large search campaigns with their SearchCenter product.
July 7, 2009

Use Urgency as Marketing Strategy to Increase Your Sales

Using urgency has proved to be an effective marketing strategy to increase sales. According to MarketingExperiments.com, urgency increased sales by 992.68% in one of their experiments. Below you can see examples of using urgency for their sales offer from onlineshoes.com. One thing to notice is that the same offer is clearly displayed in their newsletter, on their landing page and throughout the whole website in the blue box below header, thus keeping consistency or as it is sometimes referred to “scent”. Even in the cart, the offers are displayed as well along side with the message saying “You saved $25 on this order” which is in red so visitors can see it. newsletter landing page cart home page
July 7, 2009

How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

Learn how to harness the power of social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other networking sites – to get found by more prospects and generate sales leads for your business. Social media can be a powerful channel to attract website visitors and leads while building thought leadership for your company.
July 6, 2009

Free Spam Checker For E-mail and Your IP Address

For those of you whose email marketing tool doesn’t allow spam check before you send your newsletter, try this completely free tool from Lyris.com. It allows you to do spam check on your mailing, thus decreasing the amount of your marketing emails needlessly ending up in spam folders. For free spam check – click here. I also recommend you check this free tool to see if your IP address has been blacklisted as again this could affect you e-mail devliverability. For IP address blacklist check click here.
July 6, 2009

Top 10 Online Retailers by Conversion Rate in May 2009

Top 10 retailers by conversion rate in May 2009. Source: Nielsen Online – Marketing Charts Also see: the top 10 online retailers in April 2009
July 3, 2009

Optimized Site Search With Merchandising For eCommerce Boost Sales

In this article I am following up on from the research by MarketingSherpa and from our previous post “perpetual shopping cart have significant impact on your conversion“. In their research, 64% respondents found a perpetual shopping cart to be an effective way of boosting sales, followed by optimized site search where 60% of responders found it to be an effective way of boosting sales. As more than 70% of website visitors start their journey using site search when searching for products, then clearly, if your website provides  good site search with relevant results, you can expect increases in conversion rates on your site, simply because your visitors can find exactly what they were looking for. The problem is, that many off the shelf searches found in standard shopping carts can’t handle misspellings and alternate words for the same products.  As you can see below in the feature list, it simply […]
July 3, 2009

Web Analytics Live Demo

July 2, 2009

Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov – A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Online Retailers – Interview

On Monday, when I was approving posts to the proimpact7 blog, I came across a post by Mr. Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov, a highly recognized person in affiliate marketing world, whose book “A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing” I have read. To me this book is a great resource for affiliate managers and merchants who are serious about their website and marketing their online businesses. So I have decided to use this opportunity and contacted Geno to find out what he is working on and to ask him a few questions. Needless to say, I received an e-mail from him within hours where he agreed and this is the post. About Geno: – In 2007 he released a book “A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing” – highly recommend as it will open your eyes to affiliate marketing. This book has received a 5 star rating on Amazon.com. – In 2008 his […]
July 2, 2009

7 Steps to Improve Your Conversion Rates

We encourage you to download this new white paper to learn about the best practices that leading companies are employing to identify their most likely buyers. This report provides a deeper understanding of the automated tools and tactics that these leaders are using to help progress and accelerate their prospects through the buying cycle. By downloading this white paper you will gain valuable insight on: Segmenting your contact database Landing page optimization Trigger-based messaging with drip marketing Identifying and prioritizing prospects; And much more… In addition, this white paper will profile real world nurturing scenarios which will illustrate the impact automated drip marketing programs and lead management solutions can have on accelerating deal cycles. Download the 7 Steps To Improve Your Conversion Rates Now, compliments of LeadLife Solutions, and learn how to increase your conversion rates and respond to the changing buying signals today. Technorati Profile
July 1, 2009

How to Enable Feed Updates Via E-mail In Your Blog

I am just following on the post “Allow Your Blog Readers to Receive Your New Posts Via E-mail” where I was talking about why you should allow to your readers to receive updates via email as well. In here I will show you, how to enable feed updates via e-mail in your blog if you use Feedburner. firstly log in to your Feedburner account then go to Publicize/Email Subscription and activate it once activated, your visitors will be able to subscribe to your feed update via email as shown in the 2nd picture NOTE: in our proimpact7 blog we have also placed an e-mail sign up field in the right hand navigation bar to clearly indicate to our visitors that they can receive new posts via email too.
July 1, 2009

Perpetual Shopping Cart Have Significant Impact on Your Conversion

Marketing Sherpa published in April research about website tactics that boost conversion. In the table below you can see that perpetual shopping carts along with optimized internal search results have shown the highest up-lift in conversion. A staggering 64% of respondents found a perpetual shopping cart to be an effective way of boosting sales. So let’s have a look at the biggest improvement –  “Perpetual Shopping Carts”. Perpetual shopping carts display the number of items in the cart and sub-total as a shopper navigates the site. The best examples I have found were from the previous and current circuitcity.com website and from onlineshoes.com. What you can also notice on onlineshoes.com website is that right below the cart you can see “recently viewed” items, a feature sometimes missing on many online stores. After browsing the onlineshoes.com website for a while, you will discover that from a user perspective it’s really a […]
June 30, 2009

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates Rise

Shopping cart abandonment rates for US online retailers have risen over the past 12 months, with 60% of US seeing abandonment rates of over 20% this year. This information comes from a survey by the etailing group, so why are so many customers abandoning the process, and what can they do about it? Another study of US online shoppers by PayPal and comScore found that 45% had abandoned carts more than once over a three week period, leaving behind baskets worth an average of $109. So what are the reasons for abandonment and what can etailers do to minimize this? Continue reading……
June 29, 2009

Allow Your Blog Readers to Receive Your New Posts Via E-mail

I recently came across a blog I liked, but when I decided to sign up I discovered that the only option to receive post updates was to sign up for RSS. So I didn’t sign up. So what’s the problem with RSS? No problem, I just don’t like it. I prefer to receive an email right to my inbox and I am not the only person, as some people even don’t know what RSS is and how to use it. I used to use RSS, but I stopped for the following reasons- 1st – it was slowing down my computer, as apart from RSS,  I have tons of other applications using Adobe Air and similar based apps and my machine doesn’t like it, 2nd – I was receiving so many alerts, that after a while I just stopped bothering to read them as I could not keep up with the […]
June 28, 2009

Usability Testing Idea: Compare Your Site vs. Your Main Competitor

Do you truly want to know whether your site is better or worse than your direct competitor? The easiest way to find out is to run usability testing on your website in comparison with your direct competitor. Here at proimpact7.com, we can help you with this task. We offer packages from 10 user tester to get you started. We get the user testers to compare two websites, yours and your competitor’s without telling them which site is yours. The usability testing scenario: Scenario: You need to buy an 8 mega pixel digital camera. Your budget is $300. You search Google for 8 mega pixel digital cameras and compare two websites: yours.com and competitor.com. Task: use both of these sites to find a relevant 8 mega pixel camera within your $300 budget. Once you have found the right camera please answer these two questions: Which website did your prefer? Why? (please […]
June 27, 2009

Discount Codes in Checkout Process and How to Deal With Them

If you are an online retailer using discount code box in your checkout,then it is very likely that discount box itself is costing you thousands in affiliate commissions each month to affiliates who actually didn’t refer the sale. In the example below from shoes.com you can see the discount code box, but as I don’t have one, I decided to look for it on the internet, and I have found plenty of websites with shoes.com discount code. The problem is, I came to shoes.com site via PPC advertising, so it cost them money. Once I  arrived into the checkout, I realized that I didn’t have any discount code and decided to look for it on the internet as anyone else does. I found plenty of sites with shoes.com discount codes. The problem for retailers like you is that those coupon code website quietly installed an affiliate cookie on my machine, and […]
June 26, 2009

10 Reasons For Usability Testing

What is usability testing? It is a technique used to evaluate a product or website by testing it on users. It allows you to observe users using your website to discover errors and areas for improvement. Usability testing is not marketing research. With usability testing you watch people trying to use your website, based on the task given to them and assess wether or not the task has been achieved and how long it took. At Proimpact7 we take usability testing very seriously and usability testing is part of the design and build project included in our price. Our advice: always make sure you do usability testing before your website is finished as any additional re-design work will cost you extra money. 10 reasons why you should do usability testing on your website now: 1. If you have had your website for months or years, you probably can’t see your website with fresh eyes anymore. You […]
June 25, 2009

Marketing Automation Software to Help You Follow-up Consistently

Recently I have came across a very impressive marketing automation software from Infusionsoft, which I personally found very interesting and definitely deserves your attention. After watching the video presentation I was so impressed and I thought I should share it with you. So why I was so impressed? Currently at Proimpact7 we are using CRM from SalesForce, which does a lot of great things, but this software from Infusionsoft goes beyond that and offers a set of features not found in SalesForce. It allows you to send email reminders like for example late payments, white papers, tips and tricks emails, trial ended emails and emails with a discount after the trial period has ended. – It acts as a CRM – customer relationship management – It allows you to set up cross sells, up-sells and discount codes on your website – After you have captured your prospects details then it allows you […]
June 25, 2009

Guide: Build an effective email opt-in list

The pressure is on…you need to acquire new customers and grow your opt-in list but you’re fresh out of ideas. You know that attrition alone will likely decrease your list at a rate of 30% per year, so you can’t afford to stand still. How can you turn a potential list decline into strong growth, now and in the future? Lyris can help. Download our free guide and you will learn how to leverage the three key components of effective email list-building: Legal acquisition of new email addresses Provision of value to retain subscribers Relationship management so each new subscriber can manage their opt-in preferences ongoing You’ll receive all this, plus a bonus Winning Offers Checklist in our Bionic List Building Guide. Get it today, free. Download the Bionic List Building Guide now
June 24, 2009

One Page Ajax Vs. Multi Page Checkout Process

When the one page Ajax checkout process was introduce a few years ago, many online retailers where looking at it as a possible cure for their high abandonment rates at checkout. However, some website owners who tried the one page Ajax checkout process, discovered that it has not decreased their shopping cart abandonment rates at all, but in some cases the abandonment rates were even higher as in this case below. LATEST UPDATE: I highly recommend you to read this post “One Page Ajax Checkout – 5 Reasons Why Not“. According to a study, one page Ajax checkout converts at 2.5% whereas 3 step multi page checkout converts at 6.2%. In this post you will find 5 reasons why one page Ajax checkout isn’t the best option for your business. “The single page Ajax vs. multi page checkout has been a source of concern for me. I agree that single […]