Learn how Hacker Safe seal increased sales by 8.83%


A case study presented at MarketingSherpa.com on May 6, 2006, reported a security-logo test performed by Petco, a national pet supply retailer. The test involved varying the placements of the Hacker Safe logo across its website to gauge differences in conversion rate gains. The test outcomes produced the following results: – The logo in the lower left corner of the navigation bar resulted in an 8.15 percent increase in conversions. – The logo below the footer on the lower right increased conversions only 1.76 percent. – The logo on the upper left between the search box and the navigation bar increased conversions 8.83 percent.

And even now, 3 years after the experiment the petco.com website is still has the security logo in their header. So clearly it must work for them very well.


And at proimpact7 we love numbers, so lets see the impact of such improvements in terms of dollars in the examples below. Let’s assume that the site was converting at 5% as an starting point, plus have added the percentage improvement of 1.76% and 8.83%. This will allow you to see what such an increase means, provided the other important site aspects are sorted as well like site usability, site navigation,  structure and professional design etc.

conversion increase example

conversion increase example

Conclusion: several thousand dollars spent on web site testing and optimization, plus around $1,000+ for the hacker safe seal has, in our example, brought to a client an additional $2,646,351 in revenue. Not bad for several thousand investment. What do you think?

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Jan Petrovic
Jan Petrovic is the founder of proimpact7.com, 2012 Award Winning Conversion Optimization Agency. He is also a master certified conversion optimization & web analytics professional. Proimpact7.com provides conversion optimization services for small and large online business. Jan also works as a web analyst for large U.S. online & offline retailer. Jan studied conversion optimization with MarketingExperiments and Bryan Eisenberg, the most recognized of conversion optimization experts. He gained his master certification in analytics with another widely recognized expert in the analytics industry - Avinash Kaushik. After Jan finished his studies, he launched a website called dashboardinspector.com, which provides dedicated web marketing analyst service for small and large online businesses, allowing businesses to save up to 60% on in-house cost.