How Intuit Increased Conversion Rate by 211% Just By Using Proactive Chat

In this webinar you will learn how Intuit successfully increased conversion rate by up to 211% using proactive chat at different parts of their site using different chat design in those areas.

The increase rate comparison based on using proactive chat vs not proactive chat.

Intuit is using chat from Liveperson which allows multiple button and invitation design.

1. Checkout process – using proactive chat in the checkout increased average order value by 43% compared to when chat wasn’t used, and 20% increase in conversion rate when proactive chat was used. Screen-shot of invite chat window used.

2. Product comparison page – using a proactive chat window increased sales by 211%. Screen-shot of invite chat window used

3. Checks and Supplies Product Page

4. Lead generation page – on this page Intuit increased their conversion rate by 190% when proactive chat window was used.

Watch the webinar:

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Jan Petrovic
I’m conversion optimisation / AB testing specialist. Have been in conversion space since 2008. I started my career as a web analyst using Google Analytics, then moved into conversion. My success rate is 70%, i.e. 7 out of 10 tests are winning and my average conversion improvement is 19%. In 2012 I have received an award from for one of my email tests, which increased revenue by 303.08%. Yes, I do email testing too. I’ve worked for marketing / conversion agencies in London (UK), Toronto (CAD) and Melbourne (AUS) working on ecommerce, lead generation and university websites.
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