Discount Codes in Checkout – 3 Ideas to Test

If you are getting a lot of traffic from discount code sites in your analytics tool which converts well, then ask yourself this question: are these discount code sites delivering actual visitors, or are these visitors those I acquired and then once they reached my cart, left to look for a discount code?

How do you find out if this is a ‘legitimate’ sale from discount code sites, or your own traffic? This is not easy, but here is a list of things to look at:

1. Do you have a discount code field in the cart/checkout? If yes, how you stopping visitors from finding it online? If your answer is there is nothing we do, then you very likely have a problem.

2. If you use an affiliate network which distributes your discount codes to discount codes sites and this particular affiliate network has very high conversion rate (look  in your analytics and compare to other marketing channels), then very likely you have a problem. Provided the condition in point 1 is met.

3. Type into your search engine ‘mycompany discount code’, or whatever you call it. If your site isn’t on the top position for ‘mycompany discount code’ but all the other discount sites are and yours is nowhere to be seen, then you have a problem.

Solution. There is solution to every problem. Below are conversion optimization ideas from a few sites. Once you have tested it and implemented it, compare your conversion rates and traffic from discount code sites, and/or your affiliate network distributing your discount codes. If that dropped significantly, you have solved your problem and will save several thousands of dollars annually on affiliate’s fees.


Next to the discount code field there is very powerful sentence: ‘How do I get this?‘. Once you click on it, a light box popup will open with email sign up box. Test it!

auto parts warehouse discount code

auto parts warehouse discount code1


Very similar idea, where next to the code we have: ‘find one now’, which leads visitors to a discount code page, plus there are banners displayed in the cart with discount codes too. That discount page is apparently one of the most converting pages on their site. Test it!



Officemax is ‘hiding’ the discount code field in checkout, however they still use the ‘how do I get these?’ allowing you to signup for their newsletter and later receive the discount code. Test it!


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Jan Petrovic
I have 9 Years of Tremendous Experience as web analyst and Senior Conversion Specialist. I have worked on optimisation project for the second-largest store retailer in the USA (the company is also a component of the S&P 500 Index), as well as for a well-known USA fashion retailer with over 380 stores nationwide. Over the course of my career I have achieved many INSANE improvements on our client’s websites, sometimes by applying best practices, another time from findings I made during conversion audits and sometimes thinking out of the box. For one of them I have even received an award in 2012 from WhichTestOne, where after testing different emails and parts of email message we increased revenue by 303.08%. What might also interest you is the fact that my average conversion improvement is 19% and my success rate is 70%. Basically, I’m VERY GOOD at what I do thanks to my Can Do Attitude to find solutions to given problems & Experience in this field.
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