Checkout A/B Test: Checkout Test Which Increased Conversion By 13.39%

Checkout A/B Test: Checkout Test Which Increased Conversion By 13.39%

What we tested

The checkout part stayed the same, as the point of assurance part in the right hand navigation.

Test background
The client sells downloadable exam software for the IT industry. There is no shipping charge.

NOTE: We ran 3 test variations. The 3rd variation was leading visitors directly to checkout, skipping the basket page. The reason for this set up was due to the fact that the client was already leading visitors directly to the first step in the checkout and we, including our client, wanted to know if that was the right thing to do. However, after 4 weeks of running of this test, we decided to stop this variation as it was the weakest performing of the 3 variations.

Test results
The single step checkout won and improved conversion rate by 13.39% and 100% confidence level.

conversion by 13.39% at 100% confidence levelfrom $44.87 to $51.52, a 14.82% increase at 100% confidence levelbrought extra $62,000 in monthly revenue, or annual revenue increase by over $744,000

Control Variation (one page checkout)

Here is some speculation on the possible causes of the test outcome
  • Also by changing the quantity to show how many computers they can install this downloadable product on, it removed friction during the checkout, as it answered their immediate question which was: on how many computers they can install the software on.
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