January 13, 2012

Web Analytics Tag Audit and Whose Responsibility It Should be?

From my own experience, web analytics tag audit seems to be overlooked by the majority of small and medium size online businesses. This is probably due to several factors. 1. Web analytics is still not utilized in this group of business to its full potential, and it’s used just to ‘check’ what’s happening on the site. This is from my observation when working at an online media agency. And you probably won’t believe me if I tell you, that I came across an online business making over $1 million a month from its websites, and they didn’t even have Google analytics installed! However, 3 months after we installed web analytics, we increased checkout conversion by 22.32% which equals an increase in revenue by $106,769 monthly, and demo downloads by 10.49%! Just to put things straight here; if you install Google analytics, or any other web analytics tool on your site, […]
July 2, 2010

Visits and Clicks Don’t Match in Google Analytics?

Visits in Google Analytics don’t match with clicks from your AdWords Campaigns? In this post I will show you how to fix it. Problem 1 is focused on a recent problem that occurred with our client where we are doing landing page optimization – A/B testing. The client is using the asynchronous Google Analytics tracking code. NOTE: prior to any A/B testing we first start analyzing analytics data and check  for integrity and then based on the data we make a decision on what to test. This is why data integrity is very important. Problem 1: Our client have several AdWords campaigns leading to different landing pages. One campaign is counting visits and clicks well, whilst the other campaign data doesn’t match at all as on the example below. Campaign 1: clicks and visits match – Landing page in this particular case is a home page. Campaign 2: clicks and […]
September 16, 2009

Master the Art and Science of Web Analytics—Gain the Competitive Edge

Join this webinar to find out how you turn Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into competitive advantages. Learn how the art of asking the right questions joins with the science of analyzing the answers to produce better results across your business. You already have a vast amount of data—learn how to put it to work for you. With the right KPIs and benchmarks, you can make sure everyone on your team is pulling together, and continually adjust strategy to keep up with changes in your business objectives—or sudden shifts in the marketplace. Register for the Webinar > Register and learn how to: Develop actionable goals and KPIs to measure your marketing performance Distill data into clear, concise dashboards and compare results with the competition Make sure everyone in your organization is relentlessly driving to the same targets
August 30, 2009

How to Avoid the Last Click Taking Credit for Your Sales

The common problem for all marketers using different marketing channels to drive traffic to their website is, if a visitor clicks on ads from multiple campaigns before converting for a goal, which campaign gets credit for the conversion? Due to the fact that the sales cycle is increasing and it can take couple of days to convert the visitor, you need to know correctly which campaign brought the sale. In all cases, Google Analytics (GA) will attribute the last click to the conversion.This behavior can be modified by adding the following to the end of all of your tagged links: &utm_nooverride=1 When Google Analytics detects this variable, it will retain the first campaign’s information, regardless of which links the user later followed to arrive at the conversion. More on this topic…
July 30, 2009

Home Page Audience Segmentation

When designing your home page, it is very important to know who your audience is. This is done by dividing, or segmenting, customers into groups with common attributes. For example, you are selling software for small, medium and large enterprises with different prices and possibly features too. The only way how you can help your audience quickly find what is relevant for their needs is by segmentation. A good example is from nuance.co.uk selling their product to B2B and B2C market as well.
July 3, 2009

Web Analytics Live Demo

June 23, 2009

Drive Behavioural Email With Web Analytics Data

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