September 29, 2009

Re-marketing to Abandoners Works – Follow up Email Examples

Following up abandoners can yield up to 50% re-conversion of those that had abandoned (see the case study from below). Company called is offering very useful automated tool to follow up abandoned shopping carts, sign up forms etc. Below you can see several real examples of follow up emails for your inspiration. Also, I recommend to re-visit  this webinar recording on how to follow abandoners and best practices. Follow up email examples real follow up email example first email follow up example – ecommerce first email follow up example – online applications follow up email
September 28, 2009

Welcome Email – Example to Learn From

With the welcome email, you have a great opportunity to get a sale and introduce your company. But to my surprise still not many websites are doing this effectively, even though it seems to me like the easiest part of the email marketing campaign and also the cheapest way. Many welcome emails are too vague with no offers in them to encourage your subscribers to take any action, like in the example below from And here is an example of how to do it by . Easy, simple and very effective. What’s great about this welcome email: in html – grabs visitors attention plus all email clients can display html professionally designed with a clear call to action “shop now” incentive available – 20% discount code email preferences included in the footer, so their subscribers can change their receiving preferences  
September 23, 2009

Email Opt-in Field: Ideas on Placement to Maximize Your Opt-ins

Most visitors don’t buy the first time they come to your website. For that reason newsletter and good placement of an opt-in field and motivation is important if you want to increase your email subscribers and sales. The challenges with placement of opt-in emails and getting e-mail subscribers: how to motivate visitors to give their email address where to place the opt-in field on your website so it’s visible, and it doesn’t compete with other navigation on your site How to motivate visitors to give their email address? I have found couple of good examples to give you some ideas. 1. This example is from website. In the header they offer an incentive to opt-in for their newsletter, plus they have an opt-in in their footer. 2. offers they email opt-in in their header. 3. is offering opt-ins in the header and the footer. 4. this is one […]
September 18, 2009

The 7 Secrets Guaranteed to Boost Website Conversion Rates and Revenues by up to 50% Using 1-to-1 Personal Remarketing Email

Is your website generating the revenues and sales leads that you need? Do you know the tried and tested techniques that successful companies use to rapidly respond when a shopping cart is abandoned or a form is left incomplete? On September 30, 2009, SeeWhy will reveal the 7 secrets  guaranteed to boost website conversion rates and revenues by up to 50% using 1-to-1 personal remarketing email. Join us for this FREE Conversion Academy, the latest in a series of best practice webinars for ecommerce and marketing teams. The 7 Secrets to Turn Your Website into a Real-Time Marketing Machine Discover the tips and tools that the experts use to launch email marketing campaigns that turn website abandoners into loyal customers: How to link your website with your Email Service Provider (ESP) to automatically launch real-time marketing campaigns to recapture lost leads When to send email to try to capture website […]
September 17, 2009

How Boosted Relevancy, Conversions and Revenue per Email

LIVE WEBINAR Automating Email to Drive Revenue and Customer Engagement How boosted relevancy, conversions and revenue per email Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Time: 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET Marketing to customers based on prior actions and purchase history can be a powerful tool for boosting relevancy, conversions and revenue. Integrating this strategy into your transactional email streams, such as confirmations, shipping notices, and password reminders, is a proven technique for improving your bottom line. Join this interactive webinar and learn first-hand how an Internet Retailer Top 500 company is leveraging this powerful channel with great success. Get access to new adoption research, learn best practices for program design and implementation, and get your questions answered in an interactive Q&A session. Register Now >> Key Things You Will Learn: The value of transactional email as a marketing channel How to establish cross-departmental cooperation to launch a program How […]
September 15, 2009

How to Encourage Your Visitors to Purchase What’s in Their Basket

The big problem for any online retailer is shopping cart abandonment. Visitors put items into their shopping cart, but for some reason they don’t proceed with the order. Majority of top 500 online retailers allow storage of basket content for a couple weeks or months, in case a visitor comes back. But what if the visitors aren’t coming back? How can you then encourage them to make a purchase from you? There are several ways of encouraging your visitors to proceed with their order after they have abandoned their shopping cart. Either send them an immediately automated email with an offer, or send them a polite reminder with an offer. Today I will show you good example of a polite reminder email from Below you can see an email from offering me FREE shipping on what’s in my basket. Once you click on it it leads me directly to my […]
September 11, 2009

Email Marketing Practices of Top Online Retailers

In this excellent recording of a live webinar you will discover email marketing practices of top online retailers. What is covered: Location of opt-in forms Options offered to registrants during the opt-in process Number of emails received during a 30-day period Percent of emails offering sales or discount incentives Whether unsubscribe links led to preference centers Will open in a new window. To watch the video, registration is required.
August 20, 2009

Email Marketing Practices of Top Online Retailers

Getting email right is always important for online retailers, but it’s even more critical in a tough economic environment. To uncover how email practices are changing, Silverpop recently completed its second annual study of retailers, including the Top 500 as ranked by Internet Retailer. Our researchers logged on to 895 retailer Web sites, registered to receive communications from each that had an email marketing program, and assessed several aspects of their programs, including: Location of opt-in forms Options offered to registrants during the opt-in process Number of emails received during a 30-day period Percent of emails offering sales or discount incentives Whether unsubscribe links led to preference centers This free 30-minute Webinar (plus Q&A) will walk through the study findings, outline best practices and share both good and bad examples from top retailers.
July 31, 2009

How to Drive Sales With Welcome Emails

The purpose of a “welcome email” isn’t just to tell your subscriber, “hey dude, you are on our list“, but also to use it to make people buy from you by offering them incentives, for example, in the form of a discount code (see example below), free shipping, free sample or anything else you can think of to get that sale. More examples at: 5 great welcome e-mails…
July 28, 2009

How To Sell Software Like a Pro Via Email

Looking for an idea how to push software sales? Great example of how to sell software is from newsletter. The unusual thing about this mailing is that sell a range of products but instead they have decided for this approach, to promote only one product. Things they have done well: visible call to action above the fold with money off offer product video included testimonials included a comparison chart included all the versions of the software included in one e-mail money back guarantee included in the e-mail as well
July 28, 2009

5 Great Sign Up Pages

5 great sign up page ideas for your website. And here one more idea about how you can make your form shorter with expandable window. What I like about this feature is that you can make your form look shorter thus look a bit tidier. I also recommend you read this post related to sign up pages “How a Simple Headline Test Increased Conversion by 30%“. If you want to increase your conversion rates in your sign up page then I recommend you check our a/b and multivariate testing service, which comes with 100% money back guarantee if we don’t improve your conversion rates.
July 23, 2009

Sign-ups Increased by 200% – Real Example

I have found this very useful post from about how increase their sign ups by 200% by doing A/B or multivariate testing. This result clearly demonstrates the importance of A/B and multivariate testing for any business. On the home page, they have tested various calls to action buttons: Free Trial, Sign-up for Free Trial, See Plans and Pricing. And the winner is:  “See Plans and Pricing” – increase in sign-ups by 200%. Read the full story at
July 21, 2009

Driving Website Conversions With 1-to-1 Real Time Email Marketing

In just 30 minutes you’ll get a concise presentation of best practice techniques using email remarketing to improve website conversion. Just the key facts, and no fluff. A recent research report by the ETailing Group showed that targeted email is now considered the top tactic to drive website conversions in 2009. This 30 minute best practices briefing explores how you can use 1-to-1 real time email to drive website conversions, and what kind of results to expect. What you will learn +   Why remarketing is hot in a downturn +   How to use real time email to improve your conversion rate +   What results to expect +   How to measure results +   Best practices – how to ensure that customers will love your remarketing Independent tests consistently show that an immediate follow up to something a customer does is best practice. Response rates drop off rapidly in the minutes after […]
July 15, 2009

77% of Leads Buy After 7 Contacts

On Thursday, I visited a webinar from Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft provides great marketing automation software. On average, I visit 3-5 webinars every week to educate myself about what’s new and the latest trends in marketing, so that I can pass that valuable information on to our clients, because as some of you probably know, at we specialize in increasing conversion rates. For that reason we need to stay at the top of the game if we want to provide a valuable service. Anyway, in that webinar one very interesting point came out. 77% of leads buy after 7 contacts! This was said by a company which sent more than 1 million follow up e-mails to their leads using their marketing automation software.  Do you send less than 7 e-mails to your leads? Then find out how others do it. Almost every company selling their software offers a FREE trail, whether […]
July 8, 2009

PowerReviews Launches Post Purchase Follow Up E-mails launches post purchase follow up e-mails called a Review Accelerator. What it is? In nutshell it will send automatic post purchase follow up e-mails asking buyers to write a review. What does it mean for you? With this automated process you will be able to increase reviews on your website quickly and easily. How much does it cost? Prices starts from $35 per month including PowerReviews application for your website. Find out more….
June 25, 2009

Marketing Automation Software to Help You Follow-up Consistently

Recently I have came across a very impressive marketing automation software from Infusionsoft, which I personally found very interesting and definitely deserves your attention. After watching the video presentation I was so impressed and I thought I should share it with you. So why I was so impressed? Currently at Proimpact7 we are using CRM from SalesForce, which does a lot of great things, but this software from Infusionsoft goes beyond that and offers a set of features not found in SalesForce. It allows you to send email reminders like for example late payments, white papers, tips and tricks emails, trial ended emails and emails with a discount after the trial period has ended. – It acts as a CRM – customer relationship management – It allows you to set up cross sells, up-sells and discount codes on your website – After you have captured your prospects details then it allows you […]
June 25, 2009

Guide: Build an effective email opt-in list

The pressure is on…you need to acquire new customers and grow your opt-in list but you’re fresh out of ideas. You know that attrition alone will likely decrease your list at a rate of 30% per year, so you can’t afford to stand still. How can you turn a potential list decline into strong growth, now and in the future? Lyris can help. Download our free guide and you will learn how to leverage the three key components of effective email list-building: Legal acquisition of new email addresses Provision of value to retain subscribers Relationship management so each new subscriber can manage their opt-in preferences ongoing You’ll receive all this, plus a bonus Winning Offers Checklist in our Bionic List Building Guide. Get it today, free. Download the Bionic List Building Guide now
June 23, 2009

5 Email Metrics That Boost Results and Prove Your Worth

June 23, 2009

Drive Behavioural Email With Web Analytics Data

June 19, 2009

How to Generate Leads with HubSpot and Inbound Marketing

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