1 Proven Tactic We Used to Improve Email Marketing Revenue by 94.42% on 3 Different Websites. Case Study.

Looking for a way to increase your email revenue? In this case study you will learn, how we increased revenue on 3 different websites (3 different email lists) by 94.42% for a client using one proven tactic.

The test is very easy test to set up, as the change alone doesn’t require use of a copywriter, rewriting of your email, nor even creating a new email campaign. That’s how easy it is.

The hardest part for some will probably be correct url tagging in order to track revenue in Google Analytics, as you would like to test and track the impact this change has on your business. However if you need help with that, you can contact me.

What we tested
We tested recommended best practice when sending email campaigns. Best practice says to use the name of a site in the ‘from’ field. In our case, our client didn’t use this best practice, but instead used the name of a customer support person followed by the job position in his weekly email campaigns.

Site Name                                                                                   No Site Name


Test background

  • we performed 7 tests in total on 3 different sites, testing the same variation in the weekly email marketing campaigns
  • we performed this email test on 3 different websites, using the sites’ email subscribers. On site 1 we ran the same test 3 times (3 weekly email campaigns), on sites 2 & 3 we ran the same test twice (2 weekly email campaigns) so we could clarify the results.
  • we tested exactly the same variation
  • we didn’t change email content
  • we sent over 100,000 emails during the test and split the email database on each site, so 50% of sites subscribers received the standard email and the other 50% of site subscribers received the test email

Test results
All test variations performed during these 7 tests generated more visits. In one case, the test combination performed worse, generating by $189 less revenue, but overall on that site we still increased the revenue by 94.42%, when calculating all the combined test results.

  • on site 1 we increased revenue by 182.35%, and visits to the site by 120.84% (3 tests)
  • on site 2 revenue was increased by 18.21% and visits to the site by 70.81% (2 tests)
  • on site 3 revenue was increased by 243.68% and visits to the site by 150.87% (2 tests)

Combined test results: revenue was increased by 94.42% and visits to the site by 94.63%.

NOTE: there are still plenty of websites I receive emails from, which instead of putting a site name into the ‘from’ field, use a persons name or a customer supports name, as in our clients case. As you could see from our 7 tests, there is a possibility of you loosing a lot of money without even not realizing it.

To contact proimpact7.com regarding conversion optimization call +44 (0)20 7617 7848 or contact Jan Petrovic at jan@proimpact7.com.

If you are looking for a web analyst or analytics manager visit www.dashboardinspector.com and find out how much you can save by using both of our services (conversion optimization and web marketing analysis.)

What’s next: we will reveal a checkout, which increased conversion rate by 13.9%.

Jan Petrovic
I have 9 Years of Tremendous Experience as web analyst and Senior Conversion Specialist. I have worked on optimisation project for the second-largest store retailer in the USA (the company is also a component of the S&P 500 Index), as well as for a well-known USA fashion retailer with over 380 stores nationwide. Over the course of my career I have achieved many INSANE improvements on our client’s websites, sometimes by applying best practices, another time from findings I made during conversion audits and sometimes thinking out of the box. For one of them I have even received an award in 2012 from WhichTestOne, where after testing different emails and parts of email message we increased revenue by 303.08%. What might also interest you is the fact that my average conversion improvement is 19% and my success rate is 70%. Basically, I’m VERY GOOD at what I do thanks to my Can Do Attitude to find solutions to given problems & Experience in this field.
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